Unconfirmed Minutes – 19 February 2018 and 12 March 2018 (Extra-Ordinary Meeting)

DRAFT Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in the Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 19 February 2018

Present:  Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

Councillors: Caley; Greenwood; Lenton; Oliver; Riley; N Walker & T Walker

PCSO L LeGrove (Agenda items 1-3 & 6; Minute Ref. 015, 016 & 019/18)

Apologies: Councillors Morris, Webster & Wells

Absent:  No-one

Public: No members of the public attended.

Minute Taker:  Mrs M Middleton – Clerk


Cllr Greenwood declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 9.2 (Minute 020/18 refers).

016/18 MINUTES

RESOLVED: The minutes of the meeting of the 15 January 2018 as a true and correct record. 


The following was noted;

Tickton Pre-school Community Garden Agreement (Minute Ref. 174/17)

The signed Agreement, Risk Assessment and amended Insurance documents were received.

Resolved:  It was agreed that the Chairman sign the Agreement on behalf of the Parish Council.

Proposed road safety scheme – A1035 Meaux Lane junction (Minute Ref. 183/17)

Cllrs Caley, Sinkler and Wells met with ERYC to discuss options for improving this junction.  It is expected that work will commence September 2018.

Annual Play Park Inspection Reports (Minute Ref. 140/17)

The reports prepared by the Play Inspection Company were discussed.  All three sites are low risk.

Resolved:  It was agreed that a suitably qualified Contractor be instructed to inspect/service the zip-wire biannually as per the inspection report recommendations.  The Clerk to undertake a price comparison for replacing bark for safety surface. I Brice to undertaken minor repairs outlined in the report.

Tour De Yorkshire (Minute Ref. 008/18)

The Clerk attended the Welcome to Yorkshire Roadshow and received advice from Came & Company Insurance.  Cllr N Walker has published an article in Tickton Diary inviting suggestions for dressing the village, events and fundraisers that residents and community groups may wish to host. A media company has supplied costings to provide a screen for the community and visitors to stay in the village to watch the race.   This can be funded through local business sponsorship/advertising.

Resolved:  It was agreed that this involvement should be community led with support from the Parish Council.  Cllr N Walker to share the Tickton Diary article on Face Book.  The Clerk to contact ERYC for permission for the community to utilise/paint bicycles from the household waste disposal unit at Weel. 

 Proposed Public Path Diversion and Definitive Map and Statement Modification Order of Wawne Footpath No.7, Tickton Footpath No.9 and Tickton Bridleway No.5 (Minute Ref. 003/18)

A map showing the updated proposals was received from ERYC.

Resolved:  No objection.

 Litter on Meaux Lane (Minute Ref. 185/17)

ERYC Streetscene attended to clear litter at Meaux Lane.  To ensure that this area is maintained, ERYC will arrange to clean this again when resources are available.

Annual Parish Meeting – 30.4.18 (Minute Ref. 009/18)
John Duggleby, Internal Drainage Board has confirmed attendance as a speaker.  Unfortunately, the Dog Warden is not available.


The following correspondence was noted at the meeting;

·         ERNLLCA Newsletter

·         Standards Committee Hearing – 19th February 2018

·         ERNLLCA Training – Councillors’ Financial Responsibilities

Resolved: Clerk to attend.

·         TCP People – Winter 2018

Resolved:  Clerk confirmed that this has been added to the website

·         Rural Housing Seminar- 1 March 2018

Resolved:  Cllrs Oliver and N Walker to attend. 

018/18 ITEMS FOR DISCUSSION WITH WARD COUNCILLOR – No Ward Councillor was present.

Hull Bridge – Preservation of Memorial Stones

Resolved:  It was agreed that the Clerk liaise with Ward Cllr Pollard to request that ERYC repair and maintain the memorial stones which are of historical interest.


Concerns were raised with regard to a quad bike and 4×4 vehicles on the fields behind Carr Lane.   A trial bike has also been witnessed driving dangerously on Weel Road.  Theft from cars continues and the community are reminded to lock vehicles and not to leave keys on display for opportunist thieves.

To pass on information that may be of interest, but not to report crime, residents can

email: ticktonandweelnwg@gmail.com 

To report crime please contact Humberside Police on 101 (non-emergency) and 999 (emergencies only).


Planning Decisions

17/03068/PLF – Cherry Lane Garden Centre Hull Bridge Road Tickton – Retrospective permission for the construction of a hardstanding for a staff/overflow car park (Permission Granted – 3 conditions)

17/03440/PLF – Fernleigh 220 Hull Bridge Road Tickton – Erection of an extension and timber decking to rear, construction of chimney, erection of gates and erection of a detached single storey garage following demolition of the existing garage (Permission Granted – 3 conditions)

17/04026/PLF – 9 Main Street Tickton – Erection of single storey extension to rear (Permission Granted – 3 conditions)

17/02184/PLF – Tickton Grange Hotel Main Street Tickton – Conversion and change of use of stable and outbuilding to function room and storage ancillary to hotel (Permission granted – 9 conditions)

 Planning Applications

17/04154/STPLF – Heron Lakes Main Road Routh – Change of use of land for the siting of an additional 224 holiday accommodation (131 holiday lodges/static caravans, 56 camping pods/yurts and 37 touring caravan pitches), erection of a reception/office, bistro/gym, toilet/shower blocks, MUGA, play area and associated landscaping, drainage and engineering works (PC deadline: 23 February 2018)

Resolved: Strongly object due to the scale of the development, the mix of accommodation and level of road traffic. 

If permission is granted the Parish Council request that the following conditions be applied;

· the site does not operate on a 52-week occupancy basis, and for a maximum of 11 months

· all facilities to be completed and operating prior to the occupancy of the additional accommodation

· the facilities are not made available to the general public

· the café is not granted change of use to a take-away or public house

· the addition of a mandatory ‘left-turn’ road sign at the site exit onto the A1035 and,

· that a decision should be deferred until a second biodiversity report is completed, as recommended in Wold Ecology’s extended phase 1 report.


The PC considered Tickton WIs generous offer to donate a public bench.

Resolved:  It was agreed that the Clerk liaise with ERYC and Tickton WI to progress the proposed donation of a bench on the grass verge in Carr Lane, adjacent to the Methodist Church.


The draft Emergency Plan was presented for approval.

Resolved:  The Emergency Plan was approved. Clerk to circulate to all parties, add to website and purchase Emergency Box/contents that will be stored at the Village Hall and All Saints Church Routh.


a)       Motion proposed by Cllr Oliver that ‘the PC consider AFC Football Container remaining on the land behind the village hall.

Resolved: It was agreed that the Clerk send a letter to AFC Football regarding the future use of the container.

b)      Motion proposed by Cllr Oliver that ‘the Parish Council consider a public consultation on the land behind the village hall.

Resolved: It was agreed that parish residents be consulted on use of the land behind the village hall.


Resolved:  It was agreed that Cllr Greenwood check availability of Kyle Edmunds to open the MUGA.


The Grant Committees proposals were presented.

Resolved:  It was agreed that the Clerk obtain quotes for consideration at the next meeting.


The monthly Financial Statement was received and approved.

PaymentsThe following payments were presented for approval at the meeting;

1.       Tickton Village Hall – Room Hire – £10

2.       ERYC – PSPO Exclusion Sign – £12 + VAT

3.       JRB Enterprise Ltd – 3 Boxes Waste Bags – £75.45 + VAT

4.       The Play Inspection Co. – Annual Inspection – £195 + VAT

5.       M Middleton – Reimbursement Special/Recorded delivery postage + stamps – £23.90

6.       Salaries

Resolved: The above payments were approved.

 Income Received:

1.       Bank Interest – £0.44

2.       ERYC 4GoodFund 80% Grant –  £4,553.04

027/18 There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:20 pm.  The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled for 19 March 2018 at 7.30pm.



Draft Minutes of the Extra-Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council

Grant Funding Committee held in the Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 12 March 2018

Present: Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

Councillors: Oliver and N Walker

Apologies: Councillors Morris and Webster

 Absent: No-one

Public: No members of the public in attendance

Minute Taker: Mrs M Middleton – Clerk


Cllr Oliver declared a non-pecuniary interest as a Representative on the Routh Wind Farm Community Fund Committee.

  09/18 MINUTES

Resolved: The minutes of the meeting of 5 February 2018 were approved as a true and correct record


Quotations received were presented at the meeting.

Resolved: The following proposed development be presented to T&RPC for approval;

 1.       GL Cullington Field

Development A: 1 x Dugout/Shelter, 1 x Bicycle Shelter.

Development B: Combi rugby/Football Posts, 5 A Side Football Goal Markers, 1 x Netball attachment for MUGA, Rebound Fencing to continue beyond MUGA, Renewal of boundary fencing, double field gate and single hand gate.

Development C: Fitness Style Play Equipment – Bundle 5 items.

2.       Bus Shelter, Main Street/Grange Crescent

Development D: The renewal of bus shelter.

  11/18 FUNDING

Resolved:  Grant applications to the following providers be presented to T&RPC for approval;

1.       TESCO – £4, £2 or £1,000 towards Development 1A.

2.       Routh Wind Farm Community Fund – Development 1B, and 2D (separate applications).

3.       Awards for All and LEADER – Development 1C.

4.       ERYC Sports Grant – £2,000 Match funding towards Development 1B or 1C.

5.       T&RPC allocate 20% match funding approx. £5,600 (this will be less if external match funding is secured).

  12/18 NEXT STEPS 


Resolved:  Clerk to continue to research grant funds. 

Public Consultation

Resolved:  Circulate questionnaire to residents to support original consultation report and grant applications. 

Routh Wind Farm Community Grant

Resolved:  Contact Fund Administrator to arrange pre-grant submission meeting; Chairman and Clerk to attend. 

2019/20 Development

Resolved:  Clerk to record GL Cullington Field perimeter running track for consideration.

  13/18 There being no further business the meeting closed at 8:20 pm.  The next extra-ordinary meeting of the Parish Council Grant Funding Committee to be arranged as required.



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