Unconfirmed Minutes – 11 December 2017

DRAFT Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in the Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 11 December 2017

Present: Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

Councillors: Caley; Lenton; Morris; Oliver; Riley; N Walker; T Walker; Webster & Wells

Apologies:                          Councillor Greenwood

 Absent:                                No-one

Public:                                  No members of the public attended.

Minute Taker:                   Mrs M Middleton – Clerk


Cllr Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 11.3 (Minute 190/17 refers).

  182/17 MINUTES

RESOLVED: The minutes of the meeting of the 20 November 2017 and 30 November 2017 are signed as a true and correct record. 


The following was noted;

•             A1035 Road Surface Noise (Minute 156/17 refers)

ERYC Highways Department report that this is not a maintenance issue as the fabric of the highway is in good order.  This enquiry has been passed onto the Asset Management team for consideration.

•             Proposed road safety scheme – A1035 Meaux Lane junction (Minute 150/17 refers)

Work will commence 2018/19 and will include repairing the historical ponding issue on Meaux Lane.

Resolved:  It was agreed that the Clerk arrange a meeting between Cllrs Caley, Sinkler, and ERYC Infrastructure & Facilities Engineer to discuss proposals.


The following correspondence was noted at the meeting;

•             A1035 Hull Bridge Viaduct, Tickton

•             Outcome from Secretary of State for Health – Health OSC referral on CCG Urgent  Care Services

•             Notification of external auditor appointments for the 2017-18 financial year

•             Parish precept – Provisional Tax base and Precept Demand Form

•             Joint Local Access Forum – Wednesday 13 December 2017

•             Chairman’s Awards 2018

Resolved:  It was agreed that Cllr nominations be presented at the next meeting for submission by 31 January 2018.

Handyman’s Report

Planting of Daffodils (Minute 143/17 refers)

ERYC kindly donated 2 large sacks of bulbs which will be planted around the Cullington Field, green areas in Scott’s Garth/Drive, The Orchard, St Paul’s, Carr Lane and Main Street.

Resolved:  It was agreed that bulbs also be planted on the verge at Routh 

  184/17 PUBLIC CONSULTATION – No comments. 
  185/17 ITEMS FOR DISCUSSION WITH WARD COUNCILLOR – No Ward Councillor was present.

·         Litter on Meaux Lane

Resolved:  It was agreed that Ward Cllr Pollard request the removal of litter on Meaux Lane by ERYC Street Cleansing or the Community Pay Back team. 

·         Vegetation to the lay-by east of Tickton Grange (Minute 143/17 refers)

Resolved: It was agreed that Ward Cllr Pollard request that ERYC undertake severe vegetation cut back to the lay-by to the east of Tickton Grange to discourage the anti-social behaviour. 

  186/17 ENFORCEMENT ISSUES – No comments.

As a crime prevention measure the installation of an automatic number plate recognition camera (ANPR) within the Parish was considered.

Resolved:  It was agreed that Cllr T Walker liaise with the Police regarding the installation and management of an ANPR.  The Grant Committee to discuss options for funding including the Routh Wind Farm Community Fund.


Project Update

Fosse Contractors have repaired the edging stones to the double gate entrance of the MUGA.  The project to resurface the tennis courts to create a MUGA and install MUGA fencing, single and double gates is now complete. 

Project Costs

The total cost of this project is £35,531.30 + VAT.  These costs will be met as follows;

£10,000.00 – Tickton & Routh Parish Council

£17,840.00 – Routh Wind Farm Community Grant (50% received)

£  2,000.00 – East Riding of Yorkshire Council Sport, Play & Arts Grant

£  5,691.30 –  4GoodFund Grant


The claim form for the ERYC Sport, Play & Arts Service Grant has been completed and returned prior to the 6 December 2017 expiry date.

An offer of £5,691.30 grant funding has been received from the 4GoodFund dated 20 November 2017 towards project costs to date.

Resolved:  It was agreed that the Clerk and Chairman sign and return documentation accepting the offer from the 4GoodFund.  Transfer £7k from Tennis Court Renewal & Fencing budget line back into the Playground Equipment Replacement Reserve on receipt of this funding. 

An offer of for £10k has been received from Sport England dated 1 December 2017.

Resolved:  It was agreed that this award cannot be accepted as the total project costs have been secured.  The Clerk to establish if Sport England would agree to their funding being used towards the planned further development at GL Cullington Field or would a new grant application need to be prepared. 

Further Development

Consideration was given to enclosing two remaining sides of the single MUGA by installing fencing and 1 double gate to match existing.  The quote received from the Contractor was presented.

Resolved: It was agreed that the Clerk and Chairman obtain two additional quotes for this work and progress to completion. 

  189/17 PLANNING

Planning Decisions

17/03542/TPO – Proposal: TPO TICKTON GRANGE – 1983 (REF:99) A1: Beech; 50% crown reduction, to encourage regeneration of declining tree. Location: Tickton Grange Hotel Main Street Tickton – Applicant: Mr Sam Whymant – Permission Granted

17/03263/PLF – Environment Agency Tickton Depot Main Street Tickton – Construction of storage shed following demolition of existing – Permission Granted (3 conditions)

17/03411/OUT – 1 And 2 Weel Road Tickton – Outline – Erection of two replacement dwellings following demolition of 2 existing dwellings (access, layout and scale to be considered) (revised scheme of 16/02114/OUT) – Permission Refused

17/03012/PLF – Tickton Grange Hotel Main Street Tickton – Erection of a pavilion structure in hotel grounds – Permission granted (4 conditions)

 Planning Applications

17/04026/PLF – 9 Main Street, Tickton – Erection of single storey extension to rear

Resolved: No objection, but conditions should be included for suitable water attenuation plans to mitigate the impact of surface water run-off.

17/03440/PLF – Fernleigh, 220 Hull Bridge Road, Tickton – Erection of an extension and timber decking to rear, construction of chimney, erection of gates and erection of a detached garage with room above following demolition of existing garage. (AMENDED PLANS) at Fernleigh, 220 Hull Bridge Road, Tickton, for Mr Adam Feather – Application type: Full Planning Permission

Resolved:  The Parish Council strongly object due to;

·         The overdevelopment of the floor space

·         Although the drive is made of permeable materials, garage is out of line with the build

·         The impact on the visual amenity from both Hull Bridge Road and Swinemoor Pastures

·         The impact on the privacy of neighbouring properties owing to the height of the second storey as a result of glazing

 Should the application be approved, the Parish Council strongly recommend that the following be considered;

·         Any windows overlooking neighbouring property should be obscured

·         No work should commence until a report has been undertaken to include the protection of bats, newts and grass snakes

·         A septic tank soakaway percolation test undertaken

·         Conditions should be included for suitable water attenuation plans to mitigate the impact of surface water run-off

·         The garage should not be used as a permanent residence or dwelling

·         The garage be single storey and built closer to the building line

  190/17 FINANCES

The monthly Financial Statement and Bank Statements were received and approved.

Payments – The following payments were presented for approval at the meeting;

1. East Riding Group Ltd – Grass Cutting – £212.24 + VAT

2. Addplant Ltd – Safety fencing – £46.00 + VAT

3. Mr I Brice – Reimbursement plants – £50.75

4. Tickton Village Hall – Room Hire – £10.00

5. ERVAS – Payroll Services – £33

6. Salaries + HMRC PAYE

Resolved: The above payments were approved. 

Income Received: Nat West – Bank Interest – 0.33p

  191/17 Precept and Budget 2018/19

The Clerk presented the Precept and Budget planning documentation for consideration.

Resolved: It was agreed that the final precept be approved at the January 2018 meeting. 

  192/17 Salary increments 2018/19

Cllr N Walker presented the recommendations made by the Personnel Committee with regard to salaries.

Resolved: The recommendations of the Personnel Committee were agreed. 

  193/17 Tickton Pre-school Community Garden

The request to add mesh/wire to fencing and a sign to prevent and inform children not to climb on planters was considered.

Resolved:  Tickton Pre-school to monitor over the next six months. 

  194/17 There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:00 pm.  The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled for 15 January 2018 at 7.30pm 



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