Planning Process

All planning development (apart from permitted development) must gain approval from East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) before they proceed.  As from 1st April 2017, ERYC are changing planning application publicity: Online planning application publicity 2017

The process is that the applicant submits the necessary documentation to ERYC for approval.

ERYC publish the application on the  and refer the application to the Parish Council and to some residents who may be directly affected as part of their consultation process.

Individuals can view the documents on the website above or can make an arrangement to view the copy sent to the Parish Council by arranging an appointment with the clerk. Individual comments can be sent directly to East Riding via the website above, by e-mailing or by writing directly.

The Parish Council consider each application at their meeting and send their comments to ERYC.  Each Parish Council meeting is a public meeting so anyone can attend to hear the decision.

At the end of the Consultation Period an officer can make a decision on an application or can refer it to a Planning sub-committee or Planning Committee after taking account of the compliance with National and local policies and the views expressed by the Parish Council and individuals during consultation.

East Riding inform the Parish Council of the outcome of all applications in this Parish.  Tickton & Routh Parish Council planning applications and decisions are recorded in the Minutes of the meeting.

Current Consultations

Recent ERYC Planning Decisions for Tickton and Routh