Recent ERYC Planning Decisions for Tickton and Routh and those awaiting decisions


17/04154/STPLF – Heron Lakes Main Road Routh – Change of use of land for the siting of an additional 224 holiday accommodation (131 holiday lodges/static caravans, 56 camping pods/yurts and 37 touring caravan pitches), erection of a reception/office, bistro/gym, toilet/shower blocks, MUGA, play area and associated landscaping, drainage and engineering works – Approved

18/00004/REFUSELand North Of Yarrows Aggregates Limited, Leven Bypass White Cross To Leven Roundabout – Erection of an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Plant and associated works (Revised scheme of 16/03149/CM) – Appeal Withdrawn

18/00426/PLF – 258 Hull Bridge Road – Erection of a two-storey extension to rear, construction of balcony at first floor to rear, extension and re-clad existing dormer window, construction of dormer window and installation of roof lights to sides, re-clad existing dormer to front elevation, rendering to base of existing porch and removal of existing chimney – Approved

18/00948/PLF – Tickton Grange Hotel – Change of use from outbuilding to function room – Approved

18/00951/VARTickton Grange Hotel – Variation of Conditions 5 and 6 of planning permission: 17/02184/PLF to allow background music to be played at certain periods of the day – Conversion and change of use of stable and outbuilding to function room and storage ancillary to hotel – Approved

18/00985/PLF – Creme D Or Limited Weel Road – Erection of an extension to existing factory and alterations to existing vehicular access – Revised scheme of 17/01177/PLF – Approved

18/01035/TPO – Larches Chestnut Mews – TPO TICKTON ORDER 1994 (REF:100) A1: T1 Horse Chestnut: crown lift to 7m, remove epicormic growth and crown thin by 5-10% to allow more light into garden and property, T2 Larch: remove one branch back to suitable growth point back to boundary and away from Horse Chestnut – Approved

18/01093/PLFLand East Of The New Inn 31 Main Street – Erection of a detached dwelling with associated access and parking – Refused

18/01243/PLF – Land South Of The New Inn Main Street Tickton – Erection of 2 dwellings, 2 garages and creation of new vehicular access off Tickton Meadows (AMENDED PLANS) – Approved

18/01456/PLF – Beverad Ltd Unit 8 Riverside Works – Erection of extension to existing steel building – Approved

18/01623/PLF – Keystore, Unit 1, Weel Road, Tickton – Continued use of land to allow for industrial storage, retention of two steel mobile units and diesel tank with associated hardstanding – Approved

18/01649/PLF – 62 Main Street – Erection of two storey extension and single storey extension with balcony to rear – Approved

18/01758/TPOLarches Chestnut Mews – TPO TICKTON ORDER 1994 (REF:100) A1: T2 Larch: fell to increase light to properties – Approved

18/01877/TPOThe Sycamores 2 Chestnut Mews – TPO TICKTON ORDER – 1994 (REF:100) A1: T1 Sycamore: fell due to low amenity value and allow more light to property – Approved

18/02199/PLF The Old Dairy Carr Lane Weel – Erection of wrought iron vehicular and pedestrian access gates – Approved

18/02228/TCA – 27 Main Street, Tickton – TICKTON CONSERVATION AREA: T1 Tree of Heaven: fell, due to being in decline, T2 Cherry: fell as overwhelmed with ivy, T3 Laburnum: fell – Approved

18/02294/PLF8 Scotts Garth Drive – Erection of a single storey extension to side – Approved

18/02419/VAR – Fernleigh 220 Hull Bridge Road – Variation of Condition 4 (approved plans) of planning permission 17/03440/PLF – Approved

18/02442/PLF – 1 Park View Routh – Erection of a detached garage with increased roof height (Revised of scheme 17/02072/PLF) – Approved

18/02459/PLF – Land East Of The New Inn 31 Main Street, Tickton – Erection of a detached dwelling with associated parking and access (Revised scheme of 18/01093/PLF) –Application Withdrawn

18/02611/PLF – 27 Main Street Tickton – Erection of a single storey extension to rear, raise roof height over existing bathroom, alterations to windows, installation of door to front following removal of window and erection of a porch – Approved

18/02686/PLF – Land North Of Greensleeves Lawn Care Unit 3, Weel Road – Change of use from office to animal hydro-therapy centre (retrospective) – Approved



17/03411/OUT – 1 And 2 Weel Road – Outline – Erection of two replacement dwellings following demolition of 2 existing dwellings (access, layout and scale to be considered) (revised scheme of 16/02114/OUT); Link to Appeal Details: 18/00022/REFUSE –  (PC comments, or modify/withdraw of previous representation by 20.7.18)

18/03677/PLF – Calgary House, 11 Main Street – Alterations and extensions including erection of single and two storey extension, with attached garage, to rear and installation of first floor window to side  (PC decision deadline 3.12.18)

Tickton & Routh Parish Council response ‘Consideration be given to obscured glass to the first-floor windows to protect the privacy to neighbours and conditions should be included for suitable water attenuation plans to mitigate the impact of surface water run-off.’

18/03060/PLF – Land North West Of Red Cottage, 1 Weel Road – Change of use of land to gypsy caravan site and storage of vehicles, machinery and equipment within existing barn including hardstanding, construction of earth embankment and erection of ancillary amenity block (part retrospective) – (PC decision extended date 11.12.18)

Tickton & Routh Parish Council response Strongly object on the grounds of change of use of land to a mixed use as a residential gypsy caravan site and that this site is identified as at risk of flooding.’

18/04042/PLF – Little Storkhill Farm, 223 Hull Bridge Road, Tickton – Conversion of existing building and erection of link extension to create dwelling and erection of 4 dwellings following cessation of existing HGV operation and removal of existing buildings (PC decision date extended to 14.1.19)

Tickton & Routh Parish Council response ‘The Parish Council strongly object due to the following. Within the Design & Access Statement that the proposals have been put forward in order to finance the relocation of a haulage business which is hoping to expand. The business will not be relocated within the community – there will be no benefits to the parish from this change. The application should be refused on the grounds that the proposed site is in open countryside, outside of the village development limits. Allocations for the Parish in the ERYC LP has already been fulfilled. This parish council has historically maintained a policy to refuse development in the open countryside. The application does not satisfy the criteria within the local development plan, as it does not re-use existing buildings, does not provide employment, or tourism opportunities – it would create a small ‘community’ of a total of 6 properties. None of these would enhance the viability of the Parish as residents would use facilities in Beverley, not Tickton, and none are classed as ‘affordable housing’ by the applicant. The applicant has not demonstrated any ‘need’ for development on this site. Notwithstanding the above, the development is not sustainable – there is no safe means of getting from the site to either Beverley or Tickton without crossing the A1035.

If granted the Parish Council request the following conditions;

  1. Right hand holding lane and central reservation on A1035 to improve pedestrians crossing the road safely.
  2. A slip road be installed either side of entrance. The only way this site could be construed as accessible in a sustainable manner would be to include a condition to create a broad footpath on the north side of Hull Bridge Road from the site to Swinemoor Lane roundabout, along with a footpath to the bus stop to the east of the site.
  3. If ERYC are mindful to approve an application, that the site is entirely made up of affordable housing.
  4. To include for suitable water attenuation plans to mitigate the impact of surface water run-off.
  5. To ensure that foul water is processed appropriately.

18/03694/PLF – Court Yard Barn, Hull Bridge Road, Tickton – Erection of extension for use as garage/garden store and garden room (AMENDED PLANS AND SITE ADDRESS) – (PC decision date extended to 14.1.19)

Tickton & Routh Parish Council response Strongly object on the grounds of open countryside, over development and visual amenity. If granted it should not be used as a dwelling.’

18/04150/VAR – Land South Of The New Inn, Main Street, Tickton – Variation of Conditions 4 (surface water drainage), 5 (foul drainage) and 6 (materials) of planning reference 18/01243/PLF (Erection of 2 dwellings, 2 garages and creation of new vehicular access off Tickton Meadows) to allow drainage details to be considered and amended materials to be used in construction (PC decision date:  24.1.19)

Tickton & Routh Parish Council response ‘No objection’.


ERYC Planning Decisions 2014 – 2017