Parish Councillors and Ward Councillors

Tickton & Routh Parish Council

Parish Councillors

Howard Sinkler (Chairman)

Stephen Caley (Vice-Chairman)

Mark Fogarty

James Hadley

Richard Lenton

Daniel Mathison

Cathy Oliver

David Riley

Nikki Walker

Tony Walker

Frank Wells

Parish Clerk

Mrs Michelle Middleton


Mobile No: 07563 155095

You can raise any issues with the Parish Councillors by using the contact details above.  Alternatively, you are welcome to attend a Parish Council meeting and raise an issue in the Public Forum.



Kevin Beaumont

Bernard Gateshill

Pauline Greenwood

The Ward Councillors also represent Tickton and Routh as part of Beverley Rural Ward and are available to help with any issues you may have with East Riding of Yorkshire Council services.