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Consultation: BT Phone Boxes

BT has notified East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) that they are considering the removal of both public payphones in Tickton.  

Tickton & Routh Parish Council has been consulted to assess whether there is a local need for the retention of the public payphones.   East Riding of Yorkshire Council will support the Parish Council and the public’s decision, whether it is to agree the removal of the payphones, adopt the kiosk or to object on justifiable grounds.

The three options are:

a) Agree to removal of the payphone and box, as being no longer needed.

b) Agree that the payphone can be removed, but ask to adopt the box so that it can be retained as a local feature.  This option is open to Parish Councils and registered charities, taking ownership for just £1.  Details can be viewed at: www/ 

c) Object to the loss of the payphone.  If you wish to object you will need to provide evidence of local problems or reasons for retention e.g. lack of mobile phone network coverage, need for the phone as emergency point, or accident black spot.  Any case for retention should, if possible, be backed up with evidence of local support.  

A previous consultation exercise (in 2016) regarding the continued use of our BT phone boxes relied purely on seeking opinion from the Parish Council and ERYC.  This latest consultation indicates that parishioners’ opinions have to be sought. BT will not accept the Parish Council’s opinion alone.

Please take the time to contact the Parish Council with your consultation response by  email: or in writing to Tickton & Routh Parish Council, C/o Three Gables, 260 Hull Bridge Road, Tickton HU17 9RT  no later than 10th November 2019.

Your comments will be taken into consideration at the Parish Council meeting to be held on the 18th November 2019.

Thank you.