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Recreational Facilities

GL Cullington Field facilities and the Play Area including children’s play equipment on the Recreation Grounds are closed in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

We will keep the Recreation Ground ‘Village Field’ open.

The decision to close play areas has been taken after we considered the risks to public health, the availability of hand-wash facilities and the difficulty in keeping users at a safe social distance.

We are confident our residents will understand that we have to put the safety of our community first, particularly our vulnerable residents.

Making children keep to the recommended two metre distance in  busy playground or play area is difficult.  The play equipment and facilities is unable to be disinfected and so represents a high cross-contamination risk of the virus.

Our decision also means we are doing what we can to protect our NHS from coming under pressure.

We have taken the decision not to close open spaces and the ‘Village Field’, giving consideration to the well-being benefits and the need of exercise.  Please ensure that the governments advice on social distancing and hand sanitising is followed at all times.  


Further information is available on this link: